Shure QLX-D Wireless System

Medium-sized venues demand more wireless capability. QLX-D® Digital Wireless is more than ready for the challenge. The robust RF performance lets you step up to an all-round higher class of audio, while protecting the signal at every level. It’s an affordable upgrade and a smart investment in your sound.

What’s the secret to giving you more wireless with less worry? Control. QLX-D lets you streamline setup across multiple receivers, and the Wireless Workbench® software gives you real-time access throughout the performance. You can even manage connections from your iOS device for maximum convenience.

The 24-bit digital audio and the wide frequency response capture the sound as clearly and accurately as it was produced. Confidentiality is ensured via AES-256 advanced encryption that generates a randomised key for each use.

  • Professional-grade metal construction
  • 64 MHz of tuning bandwidth
  • Up to 22 channels in 8 MHz DTV range


Available Components:
QLXD4 Digital Wireless Receiver
QLXD1 Bodypack Transmitter (available with Headsets & Lapel Microphones)
SM58 with QLXD2 Handheld Transmitter