HK Audio E.L.I.A.S

The smart sound reinforcement solution for the entertaining combo, E.L.I.A.S is a no-fuss system tailored to the needs of musicians who are compelled to come up with great sound fast in a great variety of venues. Two 15″ subwoofers driven by 300-watt RMS power amps provide ample sound pressure for miking kick drums, while the 10″ speaker and 3/4″ CD horn-loaded satellites dispense liberal doses of transparency, articulation, and punch. What’s more, every subwoofer sports a separately adjustable auxiliary power amp designed to drive stage monitors or additional satellite speakers. All these features are shoe-horned into a package that easily fits into a full-sized car or station wagon, and sets up and tears down in no time at all.

Ideal for the Entertaining Combo “Two 15” subwoofers factory-equipped with casters. Two 10″/3/4” CD-horn-loaded satellite speakers. 2-way active electronics featuring OFR™ technology. 300-watt RMS bass power amps with DynaClip™ limiter. 150-watt RMS power amps with Opto-Limiter for the satellites. 150-watt RMS auxiliary power amps for connection additional cabinets as satellites or monitors. Total system weight: 106 kg / 233 lbs

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