Expanding our outdoor lighting fixture stock

Last month we took delivery of 18 Prolights Solar27Q.

These fixtures will be added to our rental stock to bolster our range of outdoor lighting fixtures.

The Prolights Solar27Q is a compact fan-free outdoor wash light featuring an outstanding brightness of 10,832 lumens.

Equipped with 27x10W RGBW/FC LEDs, delivering superior colour mixing. Featuring a slim size as well as the multiple interchangeable optics through magnets, including asymmetrical filters which, all together, make the Solar27Q an incredibly flexible device for indoor use and outdoor. Whilst highly-powerful, the Solar27Q also benefits from being completely silent.

“We have seen an increase in enquires for outdoor events since the pandemic, from outdoor carol concerts to live music gigs and everything in between. With the Solar27Q being so versatile in its application it means we can use it to light up an outdoor performance area, along with the natural scenery surrounding it one week and an indoor corporate event the next. The optional magnetic filters add to their versatility as well.The Solar27Q is a really impressive fixture for its size. It is plenty bright enough and its size means it will fit into any venue (indoor and outdoor). Some similar fixtures of this size lose the ability to pixel map so having the option for this means we can use them as eye candy effects on rock and roll gigs.”

— Jonny Makin, founder and owner of Makin Lightin