New Pre-visualisation Suite At Makin Lightin HQ

Whilst productions and events were few and far between during various lockdowns throughout the pandemic, we decided to use our time to create a brand new pre-visualisation suite.
Utilising existing space under the mezzanine floor, we constructed a new stud wall to create the new room. We built a 3m long desk which provides plenty of room for lighting desks, extra computers and laptops and all the paperwork that goes with designing lighting for productions.
There is a 65” main screen that is wall mounted and connected to the PC running Capture visualisation software and two 24” monitors mounted on the desk. One of the desk monitors is connected to the same PC as the main screen and the other can be connected to another device to run any additional software, for example QLab. There is also a 24” touch screen monitor that can be used as an external monitor on lighting desks. We installed 2 wall mounted studio monitor speakers, these are connected to a Yamaha MG10 analogue sound desk which can be used for playback of show tracks and sound effects, or if you just want some music on whilst you work. On the back of the desk we have plenty of power sockets, some of which are connected to a UPS in case of any power outages.
We installed LED strip lighting, along with 5 birdies, for use as desk lighting from above and floor lamps at either side of the sofa. All of these together, we think, create a great atmosphere to work in.

The new Vis Suite in action with Jonny.
Desk used in Photo: Avolites Tiger Touch 2

Jonny, founder and owner of Makin Lightin, commented “I’m really pleased with the end result, the vis suite looks great and is a fantastic tool to us. We have already used it on a couple of shows and events. Not only does it help us with getting the desks programmed before we arrive at a venue, which helps with time, but it allows our customers to come and see what their show will look like before we even get started in the venue. I’m really looking forward to utilising it on upcoming shows and events”
Dec Murray, a lighting designer from a local Am Dram group who used the pre-visualisation suite for their pantomime last year commented “Being able to use the new suite ahead of our annual pantomime to pre-programme the show made such a difference in saving time at the venue this year. The suite is set up perfectly and it’s just like programming in the Theatre, without the pressure of having limited time to get everything done. When we moved into the venue there was hardly any changes needed to be made to what we had set, which just goes to show how powerful Pre-Visualisation can be for productions.”
The pre-visualisation suite is available to hire to any LD or company who wish to use it, so please get in touch with us.